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SegallEProfessor Eric Segall
Los Angeles Times, Oct. 6, 2013

A Liberal Nightmare at the Supreme Court?, Sept. 20, 2013

Supreme Flaws: Three Ways to Fix the Supreme Court


Professor Eric Segall
LA Times, June 27

The Prop 8 Ruling, In Layman’s Terms

Professor Eric Segall
Huffington Post, June 20

The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action: Why Now?


Professor Eric Segall, May 17
Sirius XM, Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Pete leads a debate on the role of the Supreme Court in modern America with Constitutional Law professor at Georgia State University, Eric Segall and Professor of Law at George Mason University School, Ilya Somin.

Click to listen.


Professor Eric Segall, April 30
Dorf on Law

Guest Post by Eric Segall: The Real Reason So Many Law Professors Failed to Predict the Favorable Reception of the Commerce Clause Argument in the Health Care Case

SegallEProfessor Eric Segall, Feb. 24
Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court Justices: The case for hanging it up
Syndicated: Herald and News

SegallEProfessor Eric Segall, Jan. 22
Huffington Post Live panel



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SegallEProfessor Eric Segall, Jan. 17
Dorf on Law (guest post)

The Supreme Court and Racial Equality

Professor Eric Segall, Oct. 1
Huffington Post

Eric Segall has ten wild and crazy facts, a few opinions, and one prediction about the Supreme Court

Professor Eric Segall, April 4
AFP (Syndicated) 

AFP: Did Obama step over line with Supreme Court blast?.