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Anne_TuckerAssistant Professor Anne Tucker, Feb. 28
Huffington Post 

Striking over the risks of retirement savings

SegallEProfessor Eric Segall, Jan. 22
Huffington Post Live panel



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Professor Eric Segall, Dec. 15
Huffington Post

Eric Segall: Supreme Interference: The Justices’ Improper and Dangerous Reading of the Second Amendment

SegallEProfessor Eric Segall, Monday, Dec. 3
Huffington Post

Telling the Truth about the Filibuster

Professor Eric Segall

May 15, LA Times Op-Ed
Beware a gay rights backlash (Plus: May 19 Postscript response.) 

May 11, New York Times
Same-Sex Marriage Support Shows Pace of Social Change Accelerating.

May 8, Huffington Post
Eric Segall: Our Daughters’ Future.

Professor Eric Segall, January 26
Huffington Post

Eric Segall: Of Social Media and the Demise of Traditional Law Reviews.

Associate Professor Tanya M. Washington, January 27
Huffington Post

Tanya M. Washington: We Are Mad About the Wrong Thing.

Professor Eric J. Segall, December 12, 2011
Huffington Post 

Eric Segall: Health Care, the Commerce Clause and Broccoli: What the Obama Administration Must Do to Prevail in the Supreme Court.

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