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Professor Eric Segall
Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 25

End in sight for Georgia’s federal judicial vacancy logjam (premium access)

Georgia State University law professor Eric Segall said filling the district and appeals court slots is important because the U.S. Supreme Court decides less than 1 percent of the nation’s federal cases.

“Because the justices decide such few cases, less than 100 a year with written opinions, it is crucial that the lower federal courts at both the appellate and trial level be adequately staffed,” Segall said. “The stonewalling of lower court judges … carries great costs.”

Professor Jack Williams, Aug. 24
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Credit card lawsuits light on paperwork.

Professor Jack Williams, January 29, 2012
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Hard Knocks’ Toll (Steve Hummer)

Professor Paul Lombardo, January 23
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Compensation for state-enforced sterilization: Money wont be enough.

Assistant Professor Jessica Gabel, April 27
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lawyers question firm’s decision to ditch gay marriage case.

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