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SegallEProfessor Eric Segall
Los Angeles Times, Oct. 6, 2013

A Liberal Nightmare at the Supreme Court?, Sept. 20, 2013

Supreme Flaws: Three Ways to Fix the Supreme Court


Professor Eric Segall

May 15, LA Times Op-Ed
Beware a gay rights backlash (Plus: May 19 Postscript response.) 

May 11, New York Times
Same-Sex Marriage Support Shows Pace of Social Change Accelerating.

May 8, Huffington Post
Eric Segall: Our Daughters’ Future.

Emeritus Professor L. Lynn Hogue, March 19
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Senate panel votes in favor of ‘fetal pain abortion bill.

Professor Eric Segall
Huffington Post and Slate

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Professor Paul Lombardo, November 2, 2011

US state mulls anti-abortion ‘personhood’ measure.

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