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LombardoPBobby Lee Cook Professor of Law Paul Lombardo

Florida Sun-Sentinel/Jewish Journal, Dec. 16, 2013

Eugenics Exhibit Opens at FAU

LombardoPProfessor Paul Lombardo

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, September, 2013

Something of an Adventure: Postwar NIH Research Ethos and the Guatemala STD Experiments 

Oct. 7, 2013

Georgia State University Library Blog

LombardoPProfessor Paul Lombardo (with Peter Hardin)
Richmond Times-Dispatch, Aug. 11

North Carolina’s bold model for eugenics compensation

Syndicated at USA Today.

Professor Paul Lombardo, April 12
RSI Telegiornale

Eugenetica negli Stati Uniti

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.43.32 AM

LombardoPProfessor Paul A. Lombardo, April 2
New York Times

Of Medical Giants, Accolades and Feet of Clay

LombardoPProfessor Paul A. Lombardo, Feb. 27
USA Today and syndicated

Controversy engulfs sexual disease award

Commentary at The Faculty Lounge; original ASTDA article by Prof. Lombardo

LombardoPProfessor Paul A. Lombardo
LCP National Assembly, Dec. 3

Hygiène raciale (Eugenics)

Professor Paul A. Lombardo, July 1
USA Today

Myth of ‘The Jukes’ offers cautionary genetics tale.

Professor Paul A. Lombardo, May 31
Austin American-Statesman

Groups cast doubt on validity of state hospital’s electrotherapy consent forms.

Professor Paul A. Lombardo, March 15

California’s dark legacy of forced sterilizations.

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