WilliamsJProfessor Jack Williams
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 19

Fulton defies Legislature, proposes tax hike (requires sign-in)

“The impetus of the state/local friction is the insatiable appetite for more and better local services from county and city governments and less interest in paying for those services through increased taxes,” said Jack Williams, a Georgia State University law professor who specializes in tax issues.

Supporters say the tax-cap law would force the county to cut a budget they believe is bloated. Fulton officials say it illegally intrudes on local authority. […]

Williams said it’s unclear whether the General Assembly had the authority to impose the property tax cap. But he doubted the County Commission could legally repeal the law with a simple ordinance.

The better way to address the dispute would be in court, he said. Ultimately, the state Supreme Court may weigh in…